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jimhardyJanuary 22, 2012

This little guy was bought as "Takil" but is Nainital.

Heres a baby pic when I first planted.

April of 2008?

Already lost the leggy fronds by October and looking more compact.

Looking good at the end of it's second summer(first spear-pull)in late November-

Sept 2011 1 gallon bucket

This one is going to go crazy next year-

I will finally have some palms taller than me! :D

Oct-3-11 5 gallon bucket-no spear-pull this year from the bigger Trachys

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Wow, that little guy just took off from the start. Thats remarkable considering it had to recover from spear pull. My waggies that are the same size yours was ,are taking 3 years to establish. I haven't seen an inch of growth. Whatever your feeding that trachy I need the recipe!

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Yea,this is the first year it didn't get spear-pull....

some are just slower then others but I think they all speed up,
my other Nainital only put out 2-3 leaves last year.

Lot's of water April-Oct (-:

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My first windmill finally topped me this past summer. It's a nice feeling, like having your child grow up.

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Yep-and you can see in the last picture the one
behind it is a little bigger....

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Wow Jim,
If Nainitals are that fast growing and that tuff I need to get me a couple of them.If you didn't tell that it had spear-pull you would never know it by looking at it.

I wanted to ask you if that is a S.Louisiana in the 4Th pic behind the T.Nainital?Why I ask is because I just got 100 S.Louisiana seeds.I planted 50 of them in a community pot and im storing the other 50 to plant in spring.

From everything I've read about them they are the fastest growing Sabal palm.If yours is a S.Louisiana,how old is it?

How are your Washingtonia palms doing?Isn't one a Filifera and one a Robusta?Can you tell a big difference between the too?I've been thinking of buying a Washingtonia palm for myself.Which one would you suggest to grow?As far as a easy palm to grow?

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I think it's actually pretty easy to get Filibusta as most
Washys sold these days are a hybrid..almost anywhere you see
these growing in the southwest they grow together
(Robusta/Filifera)and seedlings are usually crosses.
Mine look a little different as one has large spines and
one has smaller,it is possible I have a Filifera
and a Robusta but they could just be widely varying Filibusta...
time will tell I guess.

Yea,that is a S.Louisiana and although I haven't grown them all,
I do think it is quite fast from what I have seen...mine are
3-4 years(in the ground)old and have no damage this winter.
I have seen them put out 4-5 leaves a season and that is
after defoliating the winter before...
I think the divided leaves are about 10F hardier than the straps.
This immediately became one of my favorites(along with Brazoria)
and I think I have 5 planted-they should take off this year!

Heres a better picture of it-from August-Princeps planted behind the Sabal-

Heres one of the others from this past summer.

Picture of the Washys from-November 9th 2011

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thats some pretty good growth for sabals! very nice. hey i think u have a california fan & mexican fan! the one on the left looks like a cali & right a mexican! thats my perception. lol, either way but are beauties!

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Thanks James...and I think your right,at least going by the spines.
The one on the left has small spines and the one on the right very large spines.
Will just need to see how long they stick around.(-:

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