Good posts for a palm newbie to read?

dswsJanuary 5, 2014

I just got back from Florida, where I picked up handfuls of seeds from under a few palms in parks and parking lots. What should I do, to get them to germinate and survive? In particular, what posts are especially good for a palm newbie to read?

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All posts are good to read, search for the topics that interest you. Lots of knowledge on this and many other boards including (depending on where you live) the Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board, Palmtalk on the IPS board, Hardy palms for the Northeast, and Hardy Palms in Temperate zones. The other boards are much more specific in knowledge, this is more of a general "people from everywhere and all climates" board.

As far as germinating them, my best success is with the baggie method. Basically, you put some barely damp, not too wet sterile potting mix or peat moss in a ziplock bag with the seeds, and then put it someplace very warm, like on top of a water heater or anywhere else you can achieve max temp inside the house. I wouldn't go any higher than 120F, though I've never found anyplace in my house that warm. Google baggie method and you should get hundreds of posts. Once they sprout roots and first leaves, carefully transplant into larger pots. Palm roots don't like disturbance. Good luck.

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If you got the palm seeds down here, and the leaves of the trees looked like your hand rather than a feather, they are more than likely sabal palmetto or washingtonias.

Since you are attempting to grow those, I would start by searching the forums for those particular types.

I personally use an aquarium with a heating pad and thermometer to germinate my seeds, but regardless of your method, you want soil temps at or above 85 degrees for most palm seeds.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

One more tip . Be patient . Have and various types go from a month to 27 months for germination. Just recently had a Bismark that took 18 months
One method that often works is give up in disgust throw them in the compost heap and they'll be up in no time lol

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I posted the ID question as a separate thread. I'm guessing that most of my seeds are sabal palmetto (cabbage palm), but I also have a couple other kinds.

Here's an introductory page elsewhere about germinating palm seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Practical Guide to Germinating Palm Seeds

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