transplanting mature Areca / Butterfly palm

pr1970January 6, 2012

Hi All

We`ve been offered an Areca palm by a neighbor to fill a spot next to our pool to give some privacy and shade, the problem is the palm is about 16 feet tall.

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to move a plant of this size and whether it would be damaging to it. i`m guessing the root ball is going to weigh a ton , and it will also need to be lifted over a 3ft wall as they have no side access to their garden.

The only other option is to buy one and have the supply install, it will just cost about $600 for something of a similar size.

I just dont want to start digging up my neighbors garden to discover it will be impossible to move without a heavy duty crane.

Its similar to this in size


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Heres a better link

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I don't know but this is a really hard thing to do without killing the palm. Palms that size can suffer a lot during sudden transplants. �Buena Suerte!

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They are probably too old to transplant safely. You would need a crane to even possibly get that out safely. I would just buy some new ones. They are cheap at large sizes around here and Im sure you can find them even cheaper and even larger by you. They dont grow too fast so make sure you get ones that are already about 6 feet tall or so.

Good luck!

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ok thanks yes have decided to buy a couple instead, it wouldve meant removing part of the fence anyway.

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