Herb Shops in S.Central PA?

eibren(z6PA)May 24, 2007

I seem to remember there being one along Rt. 81 an hour or so South of my area...I live near Harrisburg, PA...

I am specifically seeking Valarian, because the electric crew that went through my backyard seems to have stomped out my only plant (or maybe it didn't come back this year).

Now that the treemen are gone, so are several small trees, vines and tree branches--and I HAVE MORE SUN!!! As every rabid gardener knows, this is a call to action, and I am responding by trying to regrow herbs in spots that had become too shady...

I have bergamot, lovage, tansy, sage, several mints, etc., but Ashcombe's, Country Market, and Highland Gardens don't seem to go too far beyond the usual... I will probably re-try the Rosemary House in Mechanicsburg in the next week or two, but does anyone know of any other places accessible to the Harrisburg area that carry Valarian and other herbs like that? I have also been looking for Sweet Cicily for several years unsuccessfully.

I'd be willing to travel about an hour or so to a really good herb outlet.

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Try RKS Orchids. In Bon Air PA. I don't have their phone # but it is in the phone book.

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I think in spring on Rt 216 they have a big herb fest.Near Glennville Pa?I never went I use to live there and saw when they had it.
Also Ashcombe in Adams co.Off rt 15 has alot of herbs.

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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

Let me recommend Alloway Creek Farm, just east of Gettysburg. Barb has an interesting selection of herbs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alloway Creek

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Thanks, aprilsrain, bulldinkie and wolfe--I will try to check all of those out; they all sound promising, and Alloway seems to have a herbfest going on soon as well!

If any of you actually see Valarian anywhere in your travels, let me know, too--otherwise I will probably mail order next winter for that and a few others...any reccs on mailorder companies?

I am not great at starting seeds, and find that the tiny starts many companies mail out do not do well for me. I also prefer things started in real soil, although I suppose that's too much to ask for....

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Lauren Devonshire

Try Ashcombes or Country Market Nursery outside of Mechanicsburg.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ashcombes

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I like Richter's for mail order. Good selection and reasonable prices.


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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

Willow Pond Herbs has a large selection of lavendar & herbs. Plus a whole lot more. They also have a fantastic Lavendar Festival over fathers day weekend. They are in Fairfield PA (southwest of Gettysburg on 116)


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I went to Alloway Creek Herb Farm over the weekend; had a good time and got two flats of herbs, including two replacement Valerians and some Angelica. It was nice to be able to see some of the herbs full grown in Barb's garden. I decided to get a golden elderberry (despite already having several regular elderberry reseeding itself in my garden) after seeing how attractive it can be in full sun, and in bloom.

Thanks greenone, firstkim and karen; I will be checking out your recommendations, as well as those of the others, too.

It's really great to be gardening again after being out of it for the last several years!

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This is off topic I know,but is organic gardening big in the Chambersburg area.There is a wonderful herb shop in Bowie,Md called St.John's Botanicals.They specialize in herbs only.

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