houttuynia cordata or bishop's weed

mbauer(z6 PA)May 2, 2005

Either one is impossible to eradicate!!**^^$%& the bishops weed in my hillside is caught up and under Hypericum that i planted to hold the hill up. The houttuynia I bought years ago and have spent way too much time since then trying to get rid of it. Last year I put roundup in a can and painted it onn the leaves...but saw some damage to plants I love. I see nurseries are still selling it as an herb.

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Houttuynia cordata has taken over our property,our house and my dog. I'm leaving the country. I started with 3 small plants a couple of years ago and NOTHING other than a bull dozer will get rid of it.

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I was so disappointed my Houttuynia cordata didn't come back. Guess I should be thankful!

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Please help me ID this Houttuynia plant. Not in my book.. Thanks,B.

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mbauer(z6 PA)

http://michiganbulb.com/item_disp.asp?pn=17732 this should show a pix of houttuynia. It still surprises me that nurseries sell it.

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Karigraphy(z5 wpa)

I have it in my yard in an area that is contained by a wall. The plant doesn't have anywhere to spread so it becomes dense and beautiful. I think this is about the only condition in which it makes sense.

I've seen it other places where it isn't contained and it spreads out so it doesn't look very nice PLUS it spreads and spreads and spreads.

It's a plant with beautiful folliage and nice white blooms once a year. If only it stayed in one place in a compact mount, it would be a fabulous perennial.


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Does anyone have a picture of this weed? Are the leaves heart shaped, dark & light green varigated, with red/purplish edges and backing? Its kind of like a ground cover/ivy like plant. I have an invasive weed that looks like what I have described....I have been digging out roots by the mile...and am freaking out. What will stop this thing?

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I just looked up a picture of this plant (re: mbauer) and that is what it is. What do I do to get rid of this? I am organic, but am ready for acid. It is growing up between old lovely forsynthias, hostas, and newer hygrangias, etc. There are roots 15 feet from where it was last year (when I planted it). I have been digging holes and pulling out roots. I am exhausted. Any help would be appreciated. Joy & John

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hannah(5 south IN)

jjj...do not try and pull them out...it's a waste of time, because if you don't get every bit...and I mean every bit of the root...it'll come right back.
I fought the very same battle for the last 4 or 5 years.
It spread everywhere!...and still rears it's ugly little head every once-in-a-while.
The only way to get rid of it is to spray with ROUND-UP, unfortunately.
If you need to spray that which mingles among other plants, I found the best way is to pour some ROUND-UP into a glass bowl and dip a small paintbrush in it, then 'paint' the leaves.
This way you won't accidently hit other plants.
Good luck...and don't give in to the little monster...LOL
It's gonna take a while............

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hannah(5 south IN)

I truly believe that if nurseries are going to sell this invasive plant, that they ought to put some sort of warning on the container!

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earline_pa zone 6 Pa.

I've been dealing with this horrid plant for 4 years.
I cringe when I see this plant at a nursery :((
I cut the bottom out of a plastic gallon jug and put it over the plant to spray Roundup. Make sure the sprayer is in the jug so that no over-spray excapes.
I agree with hannah about the WARNING

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When I see it in a nursery,I want to take off a piece and plop it in the ground somewhere on their property. That's all it would take...one piece.

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hannah(5 south IN)

LOL mWoods...

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Both of these are pernicious weeds. Both reverted back to an all-green strain that took off like wildfire in my garden and destroyed it. I can think of no way to eradicate them. There should be severe warnings on any containers for sale.

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On the other hand, it is said to be edible and utilized in Asian cuisine.


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I understand the frustration - we moved into a house that had a bed of this planted, surrounded by stones, so I've been careful to keep it contained. Love the weird smell, the early summer flowers, and the occasional addition to salads. I don't envy those who are trying to eradicate it!

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