Advice/Rec requests- Corn meal and tomatoes?

pghgardnewbie(6)May 4, 2007

Sounds like a recipe, doesn't it? Add some cheese, maybe. ;-)

So I am in need of some recommendations if you have any advice (Greater Pittsburgh Area). I have been looking for corn meal in bulk for my organic lawn "experiment" (with many thanks to the organic lawn forum), but can't seem to find it at all, or at a reasonable price. I am close to the city, so there aren't any feed stores near me (save for those that cater to the suburbanites, that is!), and anything with a "nursery" in the name wants big bucks (go figure!). If you know of one, let me know- I will keep looking whenever I head north....

The second request- does anyone know of a good place to buy heirloom tomato plants (not seeds) in the Pgh area? I was not planning to grow them this year, so I didn't start my seeds in time. I was hoping to head to the Plant Swap at Frick, but the baby is due on June 1 and I probably won't be up for it! ;-) Not looking to spend a hugs amount of dough, but I haven't been wild about the big box store's selection as of late. If you have a favorite, let me know, thanks!

Thanks in advance, everyone...happy growing in this wonderful weather!

Jen in Pittsburgh

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vlf4230(z6 Pa)

Have you tried south of the city near Washington Pa? There are a lot of farms down that way and maybe some feed stores.


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vlf4230(z6 Pa)

Oh, I forgot to ask when I wrote before...what do you do with the corn meal in your lawn?


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I am such a nervous driver lately that I have been avoiding the South Pgh area...too many tunnels and bypasses, drives me nuts (I live just outside the city limits in the north). I will keep an eye out, though, if I ever decide to brave it again!

Corn meal is an organic anti fungicide and extremely mild fertilizer. I actually put down some patch master earlier this year for some of my bald spots, so I can't use "Corn Gluten" meal, which is another fertilizer that is similar (and more expensive). Gluten is a pre-emergent, and will kill crabgrass and such, but will also kill my grass seed. I will plan to use it next year, though!

I have a toddler that is all over the yard, and a new one coming up, so I really want to keep their play areas free of chemicals as much as possible. Some of the stuff in Scott's is really toxic, and it kills a lot of the "good stuff" in the lawn, too. So I am trying to go "green", and see how it works. If only I could find my corn meal, now!

There is a whole forum on organic lawn care if you are interested- corn meal can also be used on roses and tomatoes, though I haven't tried it yet!

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Lawn Care FAQ

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

Do you have alot of fungus problems? Heirloom varieties of maters,are more resistant to such things.
If you have a SuperWalmart near you can go to the Mexican area and get Masa Haria in large bags rather inexpensively.
Also, I have alot of heirloom rainbow blend maters I started from seed if you would like to work a trade or postage. I thought this would be a fun project for this year to have suprise heirloom maters to give to family and friends. I sowed the entire packet and have oddles.
We may get: Garden Peach, Sundrop, Ping Pong Pink, Pink Oxheart, Black Prince, Green Zebra, Earlina and others.
Let me know if you are intrested,

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