Help ID this plant -- weed or flower or somewhere in between?

mrzeiglerMay 1, 2012

I moved into a new house two years ago. Last spring, I asked a friend if she recognized a plant that was springing up in a prime garden location. It seemed familiar, she said, but she said it struck her as a plant some people liked because it was indigenous to the zone but most likely considered a weed by most gardeners.

Fast forward a year. I've been too busy to weed this section of the garden, and now I see that the plant has grown back in the same spot and now has some pretty large flower buds on it. The little brown ants are loving crawling all over those flower buds.

I posted some photos of the plant here: my blog.

Zone 5, western Pennsylvania. Thanks for your help!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

It's a peony. Google for some images and see if you want to keep it.... I'm going to guess you will. They bloom in early summer, require little care and the foliage will look pretty good most of the year. They make nice cut flowers and if you don't cut them you might have to stake since the blooms get floppy.

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Thanks, Kato ...

Of course, I didn't ID the plant until I ordered a tree peony for a space about 8 feet away from it!

Looking forward to see what color its bloom is. From the coloration of the bud, it looks like it's going to be a peachy or cream color.

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