shade water garden?

St.Louis_AlixJuly 8, 2012

Since my AC is putting out several gallons of condensate a day, I've decided to put a large planter underneath and establish a water garden. The only problem is the area is quite shady.

I would like both floating and marshy water plants. Natives or exotics are fine. I've never had a water garden before. What plants would you recommend?

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Black taro, water hyacinths, water lettuce. Oxygenating plants in the water. Water lilies don't like shade and won't bloom for you. Seems like I remember a garden center in the St Louis area that specialized in water plants. They would be a good source if they are still there, sorry I don't recall the name of it but a google search should find it for you. Or I bet someone at the botanical gardens would know, they are a great source of information.


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Another good source of information would be the Bog Garden Forum here on Gardenweb. Here's what comes up if I search for "container" in that forum. Maybe it will give you some ideas on what to use for a container and what to plant in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bog Garden Gorum

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I wish I had your condensate, I would plant something that likes water in the ground near it. I already use the drips from my barn roof to grow plants that need more water than I have. Powell Gardens near Kansas City has many water gardens in containers but they are in the sun. They also would have staff that would know. Some ordinary gardens plants can grow in shallow water or damp soil. The variegated cannas would not bloom but have colorful foliage. Do you have a garden area in this place around the unit? A mossy ferny damp spot with rocks could be pretty. You would have to direct the water a few feet away from you house like they do for rain gardens. I am wondering what you will do with the plants in the colder seasons.

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