phlox dependable in the heat of July

helenh(z6 SW MO)July 14, 2010

I see quite a few black butterflies on these.

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Helen, the phlox are beautiful. You have been holding out on us! Some of mine are covered in mildew and look awful. Time to break out the clippers and cut them down.

Do you know the name of your white. My David finally died out.

I like your garden art too. You need to show us your bottle tree up close.

Thanks for posting these. I don't see much in my gardens these days to appreciate.

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Very pretty Helen! I love big swaths of color like that.

I planted a group of Davids several years ago and they're slowly disappearing. I left the seedlings to grow and they're choking out the original plants. I haven't seen any mildew so far even on the volunteers. Mine don't attract butterflies though. I've been thinking I need to try a different kind.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have a woods full of spice bush and a big field of weeds in front of my yard. I am not sure if that is what my black butterflies eat but I suspect that is why I have them. The white phlox are David but they have been crowded by the purple here too. The bottle tree is just sticks and looks better from a distance. It is over a sprawling tomato which I never got tied up to it. In Joplin they have a recycling center. I went there several times to get the blue bottles. The sticks were ones I collected to put in my many stock tanks so animals won't drown. I hate it when even a lizard gets in a tank and drowns.

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