Mediocalar decoratum

orchidnickDecember 25, 2013

A cold grower from Papua, new Guinea and immediate area. Makes a mat, I have it in a hanging plastic basket. The flowers are small so I have the usual difficulty to get it focused on my cell phone.


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The entire box. The ones commonly seen are M decoratum and M veerstegii. Veerstigii is interesting as it comes in different varieties. All veerstegii have a red body, the rims are as follows:

Mediocalar versteegii var versteegii has a yellow rim.
Mediocalar versteegii var vulcanicum has a white rim.
Mediocalar versteegii var intermedium has a green rim
Mediocalar versteegii var amphigenium, I cannot find a picture nor a description.

Mediocalar paradoxum red body / green rim, often 2 flowers
Mediocalar uniflorum red body / green rim.
Mediocalar bifolium red body / white rim.
Mediocalar aganthodoensis red body / green rim.

Several have the red body with a green rim and the only way to distinguish them is by the growth characteristics which is different.

Then there are a few with orange bodies and one with a yellow body. Mediocalar decoratum, the one shown, has the orange body with yellow rim.


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Very pretty and delicate looking. What are you growing it in?


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It's growing in 'Gorilla Hair', a nickname we have given redwood fibers who make sort of a mat. Retains more moisture than bark but less than shagnum Moss.


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Now they are all open, pretty little things.


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Lovely little bells!

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