Double Wave Petunia Question

MelDawn0511(7)May 4, 2013

My hubby surprised me with a huge hanging basket of double wave petunias. I have read on this site that some people dead head them and some don't. Also some say you can collect the seeds and others say that they don't generate seed pods.

So which is it, deadhead or not? Generates seeds or not? Lol

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Ive never had this variety, just normal petunias that i do deadhead, but a quick google search and the concensus there was there is no need to deadhead the double wave. Dont know about getting seed pods from them.

They look really pretty!

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Yeah I saw where a bunch said no to the deadheading, then I found the same question on here where some one said they deadhead theirs and it produces more blooms lol. But I'm going to go with no to the dead heading lol.

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Melanie, with all that said, ive never not deadheaded an annual, except for Begonias. If it were me, i think i would pick a small side of the plant and dead head that spot and see if it does better with producing more flowers than the side left alone. I always think if i dont deadhead, i wont get as many blooms and the plant will get scraggly. Its maybe worth the experiment, that way you will know.

Good luck


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That's a really good idea. I finally found a site that gives more info about them and that site says don't deadhead, but with everything my mom taught me it was to deadhead, so I am going to try that experiment.

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