After much deliberation, I have joined the Teaparty

lily316(z5PA)April 1, 2013


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Yeah... there's one going around that the GOP has finally decided to support same-sex marriage. I call 'not funny' on that one, though.

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From the

"No April foolsâ day is complete without your favourite newspaper or website tricking you with some outrageous story much too unbelievable to be true.

Take todayâÂÂs Guardian which reports that North Korea's 30-year-old leader Kim Jong-un has got his generals together for a photo op in which they sit in front of a map picking out US targets for a nuclear strike ⦠Oh, wait a minute ..."

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I was thinking, yeah, when heck freezes over. That'll happen long about the time I join them.

But you made me laugh!

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What were once cute or celebrated holidays when I was younger are now 'just another day' as far as I'm concerned, Robin. We don't even celebrate our anniversary. If it weren't for the grandkids and their enthusiasm and young minds, we wouldn't even celebrate Christmas.

I think it must be the commercialism that surrounds everything... it's a little bit depressing in my opinion... a sad reminder of what we have become as a society.

I'm getting cynical and pessimistic in my old age, I guess! :-)

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Be sure to try the cucumber and chèvre finger sandwiches and the almond scones with raspberry preserves - to die for.

THAT is what a tea party should be all

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Exactly Den...That's what I always associated tea-parties with. Then they went and ruined the word for me

Jodi, I'm with you on holidays. I must be getting cynical too. I celebrate the kids and grandkids birthdays and Xmas just for them, not for others. Too damn much hype about everything these days. We'll be in the doldrums now because there's nothing till the 4th of July. I'm betting that stuff will soon be on the shelves followed by Halloween a week after the 4th. .

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I hope I never get too old to love the holidays. I take joy in the symbolism of holy days. I adore watching the little kids all dressed up in their costumes on Halloween. I love to see their anticipation at Christmas. Thanksgiving is always a special bringing together of our family. hmmm yeah, I love holidays lol.

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Oh come now.

No one named Lily can join the Tea Party. Lily can only "join" as the female spouse of a man (hereafter known as Mr. Lily), who is already a member, to whom female Lily is married, and preferably has children the old fashioned way.


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marquest(z5 PA)

Lily I knew that was a joke. You gave it away when you said "After much deliberation" LOL

I still enjoy all the holidays. I do not want every day to be just another day.

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Whoops, I forgot a big one for all us moms., Mother's Day (and father's day) comes before the 4th. Mother's Day is a holiday I DO enjoy because the kids fete me, and I get a nice dinner and gifts. Yea. For the past few years, daughter's gift has been a day trip to somewhere cool. Three years ago it was to NYC to see Wicked, two years ago Longwood Gardens, and last year a day in Philadelphia visiting some gardens and sights.

I DO like the day of the actual holiday, just not the frenzy and hype for months leading up to it. Thanksgiving is a lovely family day, but last year the stores all opened on that day, and some people left the table to hit the stores.

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LOL, Marquest! I was gonna say... deliberating? ;-)

Lily, we only celebrate those things, too. On Mother's Day and Father's Day and our Birthdays, we get phone calls and cards with pictures or drawings from the little ones... I greatly enjoy it! But for the most part, we avoid the commercialism of holidays.

And doesn't it seem that holiday junk hits store shelves earlier and earlier as the years go by? I'm burned out to Christmas and its trimmings long before the day actually arrives!

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Party pooper...

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Oh, I didn't see your post jodik. That is appalling. NOT funny. Shame on them.

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Party pooper, Tobr? So, can I expect you to pick up the tab for the next big holiday we have, then?

I didn't think it was too funny, Robin... but the organization did print a retraction of sorts shortly after the April Fools joke.

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Yea, but that's still not acceptable. I don't like it. BIG furrow on my brow.

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