Bears! Free to a good home!

llangrove(z5PA)May 4, 2008

Since moving to our home at the foot of the mountains, four years ago, I've learned to contend with the wild life, in my garden. But nothing prepared me for our new visitor, last week! A 300 pound black bear!

We've heard stories of bears frequenting our wooded neighborhood. They visit, looking for easy food sources. Like my bird feeders!

The Pennsylvania Game Commission placed a bear trap in my yard. Luckily, after only eight hours, the bear was trapped, safely. I understand he was going receive a new home in nearby Somerset County. Turn about is fare play, as nuisance bears from Somerset are relocated here, in Fayette County.

The Wildlife Control Officer "reassured" me, there's more where that one came from! I don't need to explain, why I've been constantly looking over my shoulder as I go about my garden work!

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MollyDog(6 PA)

and here I get upset over voles

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You will be fine unless you get between a mother and her cubs. Then you better be able to move fast ;) Bears are much more affraid of you then you are of them.

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The Wildlife Control Officer said bears don't have a mean bone in their bodies! Rightfully, a sow will protect her cubs. It's just a nuisance taking the bird feeders inside each night.

Forget me out running a bear! There's no way I can run 1 MPH, let alone....40 MPH! It's hell to get old!

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Yeah, it really puts my puny gardening efforts into perspective (the spraying to keep deer away, the staking of the floppy perennials, the careful twining upward of the vines) when I come out and some 400-pound sow has crashed through the yard. lol. The complete ruin they can leave behind!!!

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You are so lucky! I would love to see a bear in the wild!

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sarah that really depends on the situation.

At our camp up in Elk county we had one try to come into the cabin at about 3am. it was spring time and it must have been hungry.

I was about 10 years old and remember clearly when we opened the wooden door. The bear stood up on its back legs. Its head was even with the top of the door. I screamed like a little girl and ran. LOL

There was a line of trash scattered all over the place.

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I know. Too bad they don't eat deer.

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