All three dogs are in the hall

helenh(z6 SW MO)July 30, 2012

I went outside to change soaker hoses and it was hot. I decided to trick the big dogs and get them in even though they are dusty and not house trained. I am used to hot; this is scary heat.

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I've been letting my dogs in too Helen. Mine aren't trained either so if I have them in for very long, I have to put them in their carriers for an afternoon nap. Dogs won't pee if they're shut up in a small space like that.
Shasta, the one in kidney failure, is still alive and has good days and bad days. On bad days I definitely don't want her on my carpet but won't go into detail. lol She still has mostly good days thank goodness. She stays inside all the time now but I can use a baby gate to keep her in the kitchen. The other dogs jump over it. The carriers are a must-have for them.

My total rainfall for July was less than 2/10 and it was already very dry going into July. I would never have believed that it could be worse than last year but there's no question that my yard is dryer than last summer. And we still have August to get through.

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No dogs for us now. We are turning the sprinkler on in the chicken yard a couple of times a day now and haven't lost any more. They are still laying which is a miracle.

I am watering less and less. It is downright scary.

Walnut Grove had a couple of big fires Sunday. Lots of hay burned. I almost cried for those folks.

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Glenda when I heard about the big fire south of Walnut Grove I thought of you and looked for more info to find out where it was. Another link said "southwest" of WG but I never did find out exactly where it was. I worry about grass fires here too.
There's some rain (not much) on the radar north of us this morning. Maybe some of that will find us.

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