is it just me or do stargazer lillies just stink?

chancygardener(6-NW AR)July 9, 2005

Very pretty bloom, but the smell makes me want to gag!

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I think they small wonderful.Mine are only about half as tall as they usually get-maybe 3 feet instead of 5-6.I think lilacs can stink after they are picked but smell wonderful outside.Some iris smell like pee!Oh well,we aren't bees that have to pollinate these flowers!Posy Pet

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I love the smell of them! Mine are not doing well at all this year. They have one bloom each and last year had at leas 6 per stem. I guess it's cool, damp spring and then the hot dry summer. I sure hope they make it til next year.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Hmmmm? The only OL I have in reach of my nose is Casa Blanca planted right at the edge of the path to the gazebo and it smells heavenly. My Stargazer is planted in the middle of border along the back driveway out of nose reach. Now I'm curious and I'll have to go smell.


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I can't stand the smell at all. My Star Gazers are by my front porch so you can smell them when you go out the door. My daughter calls it "stinky flower" so it's not just me. I got mine from Wal-Mart several years ago. Maybe it's a stinky imposter. : )

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chancygardener(6-NW AR)

Hey Christie, maybe that's it! I got mine at wally's also. Seriously, lots of perfumes give me instant headache and the stargazer scent is like that. Maybe we just have allergies and the stink is our bodies way of letting us know to stay away. I sure won't plant anymore! So pretty ~sigh~

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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

I suspect a Wally look alike. I think it smells really good, but Casa Blanca has it beat hands down. And my all time favorite is the Chinese trumpet Regal lily. I had one that sent a stem up as big as a broom handle and had well over 30 buds and blooms going at once. Smelled up the whole yard...what a show. I have several, so they just took over. The Orientals were pitiful by comparison. I have them in a well prepared bed with mulch and plenty of water...the Chinese trumpets in the same bed out do them. They seem to want to fizzle out for me. I tilted them slightly so they wouldn't hold water... used all the tricks I knew, but just ho-hum. Stems aren't strong enough to hold them up when they do bloom well. I know where I will spend my lily money in future.

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Very intersted! Mine got some stargaze lilies from trader last year. It grows and blooms all white!! I was so disapointed.. I grows other different colors of lilum. I enjoy grow them. Kat

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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

Kat, someone got their lilies all mixed up. It should look just like the pictures in the plant catalogs.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I love the way they smell.

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I agree that the Casa Blanca smells even better. It almost smells like a gardenia to me and I have one on my desk now. The deer were eating them and it's the only one that was left so I decided I'd just bring it in and at least get to enjoy one. lol


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MOimpatientgirl(6a SW MO)

Mine just bloomed over the weekend and I was just noticing how nice it smelled. ;-) Of course, I also like the smell of my double purlple angel trumpet, and I know not everyone likes it either. :D


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It's RAINING! We have already gotten 2/10.Hope all the rest of you are getting wet too!My stargazers have just opened out in the last few days,so went outside to smell.They are out in the flower garden well away from the house.They do have a heavy cloying scent.I like it but it's not too close.I also have allergies and some perfume does really bother me too.Posy Pet

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mine are blooming now , and the fragrance is very nice a distance ! They are beautiful .
It is thundering around us right now , but not close , and no rain yet .

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I love the smell, but Stargazer makes me physically ill. At a concert today, when we were rehearsing in the sanctuary, I started to sweat and get nauseous. When the group cleared out for a break, I saw the lilies at the alter. Someone removed them, and when we returned to sing, I was fine.

It's not the pollen, which is way to big. It's the smell.
Other perfumes and scents make me sick too. Why is that?

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