ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)January 31, 2013

Maui is amazing with so many different microclimates and plant communities.
here are some pics i took

Washingtonia is a major weed in maui but looks good in this flash flood zone

Raphia and 2 Caryotas


Chambeyronia macrocarpa alley

Beccariophoenix madagasceriensis

cool shot of a pygmy date

Satakentia :)

Pritcharida pacifica

Areca vesteriana


humpback whale season :D

Bismarckia on the horizon

red ceiling wax palm

Royal view

Dypsis teddy bears

Rainbow eucalyptus :O

Lichen on royal palm trunk is very happy

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Very nice pix! My favorite is the Chambeyronia macrocarpa alley. Love Maui and all the Hawaiian Islands. Truly a tropical paradise.

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Just what I like to see on a cold day-Thanks for the pics!

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Your Satakentia is more likely a Neovetchia storkii, and your teddy bears (a name usually reserved for Dypsis leptocheilos) are Dypsis lastellianas. Royal pic. is a good example of two different species of Royal palm... Roystonea olearacea on the left and some othe species (probably regia) on the right.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

you say tomato i say potato lol

Thanks for the corrections, i need to work on my I.D. skills

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fr8train(4 Wyoming)

I really like when the skirts are left undisturbed on Washingtonias. Thanks for posting.

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Great pics, loved them all. But Bismarkias are still my favorite.

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Those pics are amazing! Maui (and all of Hawaii) is so beautiful. I agree, I love those bismarkias and I really like the contrast between the large ti plants and the Bismarkias. That water looks great and the whale pic is really cool! Looks like a great time of the year to be in HawaiI!
Thanks for sharing!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

WOW Look at thaat orchid scrambling up the palm in the forground of the satakentia(neovetchia??)) How come no red fronds on the Chambeyronia?? Looks like hawaii also has a problem with Boston fern lol Is this at a Bo garden?? gary

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