Fruit trees in chester county?

silent1paJune 18, 2009

Does anyone know of any vendors selling fruit bearing trees in chester county? I would like to find several different species but ahbor buying online bareroot stock. I will be removing an 80+ year old apple tree (peco hacked it)and would like to put in a few dwarves to replace it.

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Try Main Line Gardens on Paoli Pike. They have a very big selection of trees. I know Waterloo in Devon had some and the one in Exton may as well.

Yes, PECO is brutal on trees. I've seen a lot of their hatchet jobs around here.

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Thank you dedtired...I hadn't considered mainline until you mentioned them. I have a customer waiting on windows near Malvern prep so that will work out wonderfully.I hate to bring the old tree down but since it is so large I figure I'll make myself a new kitchen it.

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I hope you find what you want there. I just enjoy wandering around that place. Good luck.

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Silent1pa, I just sent you an email. I live right around the corner from MLG. I'm interested to know what you did with the old apple tree (if you've removed it yet). Depending on what kind of shape its in, I myself, or a good friend may be interested in the lumber if you don't have plans for it. He's made some really neat projects with apple wood, and I myself am a woodworker as well. I could help cut it down if its not already.

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Hi curdy....If you don't mind I am gonna hang on to your e-mail address. I haven't taken either of the old apples down yet but they are measured and marked. Either way just the larger one appears to be almost three times the possible board foot than i am going to need. There is a going debate between myself and a friend as to the age of the tree. I assume it was planted around the late twenties when my house was built but he insists that it is much older.

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