Bugs in my Palm plant

black-thumbJanuary 20, 2007

I posted this over in houseplants but someone suggested I put it here. I'm new to the boards and don't really know my way around yet or what the site has to offer. They said it isn't really a good house plant. Anyway here is the post.

When I watered my plant today these worms and bug things came out with the water. Should I be replanting it to get rid of any other living bugs inside. The plant seems to be taking a turn towards the worse. Some of the limbs are browning and yellowing and just seem limp.

Here are some pics of the bugs and leaves.






Here is a link that might be useful:

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Is that a majesty palm? Did you have it outside in the summer? That's likely where the organisms came from. I don't think they'll cause any harm. The 'worms' look like millipedes. Looks like that plant could use a fresh repotting, and perhaps has spider mites. You might want to consider using systemic granules in the soil if you don't have pets. Or rinse off leaves occasionally.

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I have no idea what kind it is sorry. I replanted it today in the same pot. The dirt had small white creatures with lots of legs, some kind of spidery looking thing, some other brown slithery wormy looking thing. I tossed it all out! I hope none of them transfered to my other plants. I'll see what happens. If it dies I'll go back to my silk plant roots.


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I cut off three dead branches today. They were totally brown and dry and withered. The third branch that was yellow seems to be a little more green than it was. Could be my wishful thinking though.

Maybe my house is too cold. I don't keep the heat on when I'm not there. It can get pretty cool. Any ideas?

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wash the roots and repot , and wash the plant . then get more humidity ,how cold is it ??

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The pot looks a bit small for the size of the root ball, but it's a bit difficult to judge that from the images. The critters are millipedes, a common resident of containerized plants that have been kept outside for any length of time.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Hmmmm, just rereading this post and the comment about the Majesty palm. If that is what it is, and it certainly looks like it could be, you should return your plant for a refund. That's a palm species that just shouldn't be sold for the interior plant market, ever.

Also, if you've recently purchased this palm, then I can tell you that centipedes are a clear indication that the plant was grown or displayed in a nursery/garden center with a less than careful management program. Hitch hikers like that are not acceptable....though they prefer to eat organic matter, they won't hesitate to nibble on choice roots.

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I think its dead. All but two branches left that aren't completely brown and dry all the way down the shaft. When those go I'll throw it out. I really liked the look of it, guess I'll purchase a silk one.

Thanks for the help!

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Majestic Palms need lots of water, I water mine a lot once a week, and give it some more once or twice a week. If you water it good it should live quite good. Once in a while the outer branches will get brown and eventually die (mine anyways does). But while that one will eventually die, two or three more grow in. So I figured that the oldest branches drop to give way to the newest. It took me a while before looking at it and think it was nice, but I stuck in there giving has much care has I could. The trunk is slowly geting bigger. But I don't think it will ever be like if it was outside in a warm weather.

I do have problems with bugs also though. Some kind of little mites (but not spider mites) and mine had somekind of little ants. I've used insecticide to keep them from becoming too many, but about once a year I repot them cleaning all the roots at the same time to eliminate has many has possible. I've had it for three years now and it looks great.

And guess where I'm at. I'm in North West Quebec, Canada. So it is possible to have it look good.

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