hawk moths

helenh(z6 SW MO)July 15, 2012

These are flying around my four o clock flowers in the evening. I watched them again and noted they are sticking their long mouth part into each flower. I saw one tonight in my tomatoes going from plant to plant but instead of looking for flowers, the rear end was touching leaves. It was also going from plant to plant. It was just as fast as the ones eating nectar. I am looking forward ha ha to a bunch of hornworms soon. I always wondered before why there would be only one or two big hornworms that I could find on a tomato plant. It looks like they give their babies a whole plant with no competition.

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That must've been a cool thing to watch. I had a big hornworm on one of my potato plants this year. I didn't know they would eat those. I haven't found any on my tomatoes yet. They have big appetites. : (

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I never find them until they are big fat guys. I read that 90% of their damage is in the last instar before turning to a pupa. I am not spraying for them unless the damage gets out of control. I am experimenting with garlic for a spray. I know it made the lacebugs leave my sun flower. I do not have directions for how to make it although I looked it up on line. I didn't measure just crushed some garlic in water and strained it then added more water in the sprayer. The sun flower area made me hungry the next day. I don't like to spray with Sevin unless I have to, but I will be spraying around my house today. Ants are getting in my cat and dog food so I will put it up and spray around the house.

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