Mycorrhizal Fungi

delaware_paradise(7b)January 4, 2009

I just recently treated one of my palms endomycorrhizae fungi had recently been transplanted with this stuff, but I want to know if you have used this on your palms and what were the results? It's called Diehard Palm Transplant.

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I've used Diehard Palm Transplant as well. I have no clue how much of a difference it makes but I doubt its much unless your soil is poor.

Check out this link

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Thanks turtlile I saw the guy selling the sabal palmettos and I decided I am going to purchase one as soon as it becomes available. $50 is incredible for a nice sized palmetto. So how are your palms doing this winter?

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The NBC television show Green Economy is going to feature Mycorrhizal Application Inc. Here is the link to the rough cut of the show. Very informative and funny. Will show in a couple weeks on Saturday at 4pm. Will show all over the West US.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Energy

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