question about weed/plant

bon_j(z6PA)June 28, 2014

Does anyone know what this is? It popped up in my flower bed behind the Rosanne geranium.

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looks like mugwort artemisia

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Queen Annes Lace, wild Carrot, another weed I don't know the name of? Likely a weed. I think Mugwort has more of a blueish cast to it. I guess you can let it grow, but don't let it seed in your yard if it doesn't look like a desireable plant. It resembles a weed I see here all the time, but I can't say for sure it is that same plant.

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It looks like the perennial Geranium also. Duh, I should've got that one. It just may be a Geranium seedling. If it isn't I don't know what it is.

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I have this weed in my yard and nothing seems to kill it. It spreads by runner roots and even a tiny piece of this root can grow into a plant and then a clump. Get rid of it completely as you can before it propagates itself into other areas. The leaf which looks like a chrysanthemum leaf is scented if you squash the leaf and smell it.

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Crush a leaf and if it smells like a chrysanthemum leaf it's mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris. Definitely a weed.

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