Ooo La Lah! Gary's Sweet Potatoes

seedmama(7)May 18, 2011

Gary's sweet potatoes (Duck Creek Farms) just arrived, and I just have to say how impressed I am! I've ordered from the premium catalogs, like Wayside & White Flower Farms, and I can't say I've ever received plants that look any better than Gary's.

I described my growing conditions for Gary back in February, and asked him to pick for me. I've received a lovely selection and can't wait to grown them. When we corresponded earlier in the week, he said he still has a nice assortment available. I'd encourage anyone who is still thinking about sweet potatoes to order from Gary. I was really impressed with the shipment.

Gary includes nice growing, harvesting and storage guidelines with his orders. Here's a link to a recent thread about what to do when they arrive.

Here is a link that might be useful: My SPs are here, now what?

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Seedmama, I too received Gary's Sweet Potatoes slips yesterday and all ready planted. Slip are very healthy and plenty of roots.

I have received following varieties; Bradshaw/Mahan, 8633, Hernadez, Purplr, Pumpkin yam, Jersey white.
Here is one pic of the slip taken soon after unboxing;


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Chandra, You take great pictures. I'll be growing Charleston Scarlet, Cherokee, Porto Rico Running, Carogold, Purple, and Bradshaw/Mahon. I couldn't be happier! Don't you know Thanksgiving will be pretty at my house?

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Those look beautiful! I only wish I had room to plant some. Maybe next year.


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I planted some slips last week from some red jewel that i had started.

I bought the Sweet taters off a truck that had set up here in town.

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