Mahala, ok lets try this.

jspeachyn5August 7, 2008

Well here it goes. I will try to do this and see how it comes out.

I remembered I had some old photos of Mahala. these are from 2005. That is the year someone stole her. She was gone for 3 months. She was over 50 lbs under weight.

as I said sorry I don't have anything newer. She is a bit bigger now. Her head strikes me at my stomach.

The sad thing is my granddaughter who is the same age as Mahala would have me take her outside to stand and yell "hala" off and on for the whole 3 months. action=view&current=KLM05.jpg

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well I see that I didn't get it right.
Only a paste link and no photo.
Sorry here is another attempt.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

What a beautiful dog. That must be some hole she digs if only her head sticks out! That is quite a beautiful granddaughter you have also! Aren't grandkids the best!

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Your granddaughter is a cutie.

Is Mahala a Mastiff? There was a series of children's books that I used to read to my kids about a Mastiff named Mudge I think. They loved the books and of course wanted one. I've heard they have great personalities. So sorry that your Mahala is sick. I'm sure you and your family has grown very close to her.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That looks like a wonderful companion and it is big enough to keep you safe I think.

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Oh yes I just love my grandchildren.
Why is it we (me) seem to have so much more patience and time with the grandchildren than our own children?
What is really funny about that pic being old is that my granddaughter is starting kindergarden this fall. She and Mahala are the same age. Here she is just starting a whole new adventure in life and mahala is winding down with hers.
Yes she is very protective. At least of sissy and myself. Other wise she will just slobber you to the point of ... yuck. lol
I will look into the books you mentioned. Our whole family love to read. Right now my 2 yr grandson cant get enough of "where the wild things are", he points to max and the dog an says "me lucy dog". too funny.
Now you watch when I get a new camera I will have to relearn how to do this.

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That is a good looking dog and your granddaughter is adorable.

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