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jenlefJune 1, 2006

We recently moved to PA from the Chicago area, and I never imagined I would have trouble finding rhubarb plants. I could find big pots of live rhubarb to buy there when I started that garden, and never moved any with me. I have called 20 places here and only found one very tiny dried up root. Victoria, too. I called a couple mail order places and they are out. I live in Bucks County and would drive over an hour for this! Any suggestions? My kids miss their rhubarb pie, and I was hoping to make some by next year or the year after.

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Hi & welcome to PA,
I got Rhubarb at Kings Herb Nook which is 1.4 miles south of Honey Brook on Rt 10. It's run by an amish family & well worth the visit. The address is 1060 Compass Rd, Honey Brook, PA 19344
Good Luck,

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I have a Rhubarb I can send you, I am not sure what kind it is, but I had it in a pot last year and when I dumped them all in the fall, that went with. Last I saw it it was trying to grow.

Let me know if you are interestered.


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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

I'm from Bloomsburg, NE Pa, I have a friend at work who's also been wanting to get a hold of some rhubarb. I tried to look at my usual nurseries for him but could not find any. If anyone knows where I could get any in my area please tell me :o)

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

>I have called 20 places here and only found one very tiny dried up root. >
>Victoria, too.

?? Is there some problem with Victoria? I planted this variety last year, and it has done very well. It made unbelievably delicious pie! Of course, I'm comparing it to store bought rhubarb stalks.


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No, Victoria tastes great! That is what I had in my previous garden. However, there are other types, some which are much redder, like Crimson or Canada Red, and some, I have heard, that are sweeter. Of course, not sweet! I have bought some in produce markets in my area that are very red and make a beautiful and delicious pie. Then again, my family thinks if pie is delicious, it is beautiful, so I guess I can grow any type of rhubarb. I am awaiting the possibility of getting roots from an Amish mother and daughter, who are trying to get them from a grandmother. I met them at a local farmers' market. They were to have an answer this weekend, but were unable to follow up until next weekend, so I am hopeful.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

I don't know about rhubarb. However, out here, we have an Amish road-side bake buggy on Saturdays. I've had their rhubarb pie and rhubarb cake. Wonderful.

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You are very lucky. I live in Bucks County, so I guess the Amish in the markets here do not come by buggy. There is a nice farmer's market in Newtown with some variety, including a bakery, along with nice fish, meat, cheese, poultry,and others. Amish are in some of those. Pig roasts in the fall are very good. They do not sell plants that I have ever seen, but the produce stall has rhubarb now (only open Thurs-Fri-Sat.)I plan on making sauce, and maybe some pie in the next few days, but I miss having my own plants.

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I think I saw Rhubarb at Russel's Wholesalers in Richboro, just outside of Southhampton. They are wholesalers, but the public can go, pull their own and pay wholesale prices. Give them a call. Note that their Garden Center is next door, but different.

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Follow up to everyone who was so helpful, and anybody else! Found a few anemic rhubarb plants which have only done ok in Lowe's/Home Depot places, and none in last few years. Had two friends give me rhubarb plants, which have survived but not done especially well here for me. One of my friends had hers previously planted in shade. Mine were in full sun. We moved some last year to get dappled shade in the afternoon, so we will see if that helps. Not sure if it is my site (raised beds), if it too wet, but it cant' just be due to the heat here. One of my friends really had a great plant. She let me dig up the whole thing, and I split it and put in. Still did not do well. We will see how the dappled afternoon shade year does. If anyone has suggestions, let me know. By the way, anne, I did not go to Russel's due to getting some from friends, but I will go there this year to try to expand my rhubarb attempts! Thanks.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Sorry your rhubarb quest is going so poorly. The only suggestion I have is that rhubarb is a heavy feeder, if it were my plant I would take a half bag of composted cow manure and dump it around the plant in late winter, keeping it off the plant's crown. Compost would be great too. Having moved it to a spot in afternoon shade was a good idea, I only remember the rhubarb growing in cool weather and then sitting and sulking for the rest of the year.... I don't think it likes summer at all. My aunt in Maine always had huge rhubarb, it must have really liked the cool foggy weather.

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