Comfrey as tall as I am!

audrey_gwJune 7, 2008

I don't remember my comfrey plant ever getting this tall before. But right now it's almost reached my height, which is five feet and six inches. Perhaps that can be attributed to the very hot and humid weather we've been having for the last few days?

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alisande(Zone 4b)

Are you near a nuclear power plant, by any chance? :-)

Do you have a lot of comfrey, or only the one plant? I planted mine 15 or more years ago, and sometimes I marvel that I actually paid money to buy that first plant. It would be everywhere if I let it. I dig them up every spring and literally toss them across the roadÂwhere they take root immediately. I like comfrey, and leave some on this side of the road, too. But man, does it spread! Ranks right up there with lemon balm, which I paid money for, too . . .

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I keep reading about common comfrey's spreading powers, and I believe you all, but the one plant that I planted in my home garden in 1988 is still just 1 plant in the same place! Guess it's the horrible damp, clay soil in that spot that I've never improved, because then it would travel all over! I added a lot of gypsum, compost and other organic matter to that clay soil about 20'from that comfrey
where a small apple mint lived, which became a monster and attacked my garden big time before I finally got it under control!! I had the same problem with lime balm (just like a lemon balm, but more limey than lemony smell). I just got on Fri. a lovely blue English/Quaker Comfrey from Barb Steele (Alloway Gardens, Littlestown, PA), which I have not planted yet. I have been looking for this plant for 20 years to replace the one that my neighbor mowed down. If I remember correctly, it does not have the bad manners of the purple one. The lovely blue flowers reminded me of Virginia Bluebells. I do want to place it carefully, in case it decides to take off on me! By the way, I highly recommend Alloway Gardens for perennials as well as herbs.
Their display gardens alone are worth a trip and her plants are reasonable as well as correctly named. I've been a customer for over 25 years...

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