My watermelons must've been closer to ripe than I thought. : (

christie_sw_mo(Z6)August 17, 2009

I checked my garden Sunday evening and something had stolen two of my Blacktail Mountains and one of my little Sakata's Sweet. : ( They were completely gone except for one little chunk of peel from the SS. I found another melon (Orangeglow) that was detatched from the vine and brought it in. Only the very middle was edible and even that tasted like it wasn't ripe yet. What a waste!

I wish I had hydrated lime or cayenne pepper to try. I went back to the house to search and found Taco Bell Fire sauce and white pepper. lol Hope that doesn't make them taste even better. I didn't have anything else. When it gets light enough, I'll go look to see if they're still there.

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christie, I feel your pain and anger! I have hydrated lime in the barn and will spread some today.

What an aggravation. I can't imagine the entire melon being gone. What could do that except a two legged varmint?

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The Blacktail Mountains were small, about the size of an average canteloupe (not as big as the Athena Canteloupes that have been at the grocery store lately) so maybe a raccoon or something could carry them off, I don't know. I don't think it was a person, unless they knew how to tell when they're ripe. The Orangeglows are bigger and I think they would've taken those instead.

Nothing more disappeared overnight. Yay!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I also think it unusual that the whole melon was gone.

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I checked mine first thing yesterday morning; so far, they are safe and no more rotten ones.

Something is still eating the ripe tomatoes though.

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