Bye bye Waterloo Devon

dedtiredJune 16, 2012

I am really going to miss this place. I wish someone else would open a similar nursery on the location. I know their prices were a little high, but they had a great selection.

I was there yesterday and it looks like they are not restocking. There were very few perennials, although a fair number of trees and shrubs. Nothing has been marked down. I imagine they will move leftover stock to Exton.

What should be my new favorite nursery? I am closer to Bryn Mawr. I like Montgomery Nurseries for trees and shrubs. I wonder how long that place will last.

Albrecht's is ridiculous for cost. Out of sight but they are in an expensive location and the only game in town.

Other than HD, Lowe's and Produce Junction (love that place), what other large nurseries are nearby? I'm not trucking out to Exton!

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Carrie B

From Philly, I drive down to Platt's in NJ, but from Bryn Mawr, the treck wouldn't make sense unless you were planning a day trip just for fun.

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I guess if I filled my gas tank in NJ, it would make it worth the trip, but the bridge tolls wipe out any savings. I guess I just have to expand my horizons beyond the Main Line.

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Carrie B

If you're used to shopping @ Waterloo, the savings you'd get from Platt's prices would well make up for gas, tolls & mileage on your car. Platt's doesn't have all the rare & unusual/newest cultivars that Waterloo sometimes had, but the prices for large, healthy plants are well worth the trip. It's off of 295 South in Clarksboro (or Paulsboro, I'm never quite sure) and a really fun place (to me.)

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I do plan to make a run to NJ for good Jersey produce, so I will make a trip to Platt's, too.

I got a letter from Waterloo saying they will continue to stock the most popular items but the rest of the stock is going to Exton. No going out of business sales. Oh well.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

For a selection of perennials far more vast than Waterloo or "Terrain" could hope to stock, don't forget about Groff's Plant Farm in Lancaster Co. (they don't accept credit cards btw)

Tripleoaks in New Jersey has a great selection of rare trees & shrubs. I feel like most people I know in the PA Philly suburbs have to cross to the NJ side somewhat often anyhow...just combine a trip there with some other errand, surely, and you no longer have to factor in the bridge toll.

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