Too late

seeker1122(7a ok)May 20, 2014

Is it to late to plant?
Just like last year what could go wrong did.
Tiller broke I only have 3 rows pretty stupid with the land I have.
The ground is so hard I need post hole diggers just to plant toms.
Every year it's something else

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Hey Tree, It might be too late for some things, but it surely is not too late for others.

I think that you could plant the following now and reasonably expect they would produce for you this summer or fall: beans (more likely to produce for fall than summer from a planting this late unless we have a coolish summer), cantaloupes/muskmelons, cucumbers, watermelons, okra, hot peppers, sweet peppers, southern peas (pinkeye purplehull, blackeye, zipper, cream or lady peas), summer squash, winter squash, pumpkins, and tomatillos. If I left out anything that will produce from a planting this late, I hope someone else mentions it.

Sweet Corn planted now likely would be tasseling and silking when the high temperatures are so high that pollination is irregular if it occurs at all, so I'd wait and plant sweet corn at whatever date the fall garden planting guide recommends so that it will be pollinating in late summer or early autumn's cooler temperatures.

Tomatoes are iffy when planted this late for a summer harvest, but would produce for fall. If I was planting tomatoes this late, I'd plant a couple of cherry types because the hot temperatures don't impede fruit set with them as readily as with larger fruited varieties. Being a tomato lover, I'd likely plant a couple of larger-fruited varieties anyway and hope the weather cooperated so they could set fruit. A couple of varieties that set well for me in spite of heat most summers are Phoenix F-1, Mortgage Lifter, Early Girl (produces fruit all summer here most years at our house), Traveler 76 or Arkansas Traveler and Jaune Flammee.

With the cool-season crops, it is too late of course for spring, but you can plant them beginning at midsummer for a fall harvest. I'll link the OSU Fall Garden Planting Guide with the recommended fall planting dates.

With a chance of rain in the forecast for many parts of the state, maybe if you plant now you'll get some good rainfall that will make everything grow.


Here is a link that might be useful: OSU Fall Garden Planting Guide

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I just planted my tomatoes last Saturday - I've crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. A bunch of my onion tops have laid over, so I will hopefully get my sweet peppers in their spots this week. I know I'm late on everything, but doing it anyway. My garden is only three 15 foot rows, though.

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I am running late also. My green bean, cantaloupe, summer squash and okra are just now coming up.

I plant with post hole diggers every year, would not want anything else for tomatoes, peppers, or any large plant.

I think tillers are supposed to break. I have three, but have never had all three broken at the same time. I used my Mantis for the first time in almost a year, I was afraid I would never be able to use it again after shoulder replacement, but I used the Mantis and as electric chain saw both today.


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seeker1122(7a ok)

Thanks all this makes me feel better and gives me hope.
I'll wait on corn and beans and just stick with squash melons and cuks till fall.
Of course the post holes toms and peppers.
Tree oh and okra I have to have

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Peppers? Is it too late from seed or are ya talking about starts. I'm happy to hear it's not too late for peppers.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Bon, Well, if you sow pepper seeds now, you won't get a harvest until fall. If you have plants to put in the ground and they are a decent size already, you could be harvesting from them by sometime in July.

Pepper plants here will produce until the first freeze, but some of them (particularly sweet peppers) don't set fruit well in the heat of the summer. They will make up for it, though, by producing like crazy until a freeze kills the plants. So, considering that for most of us the first freeze of autumn isn't until October or November, there's still tons of time to plant peppers---even from seed.


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Bon - I have seed starts for chili's. Couldn't find the actual plants after my Epic Plant Fail so I just used what seeds I had. They are ready to put in growing medium...which I will put outside to skip the hardening off stage.

Fall is good, right?

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OH!!!! And Tree - I'll send you a PM or a text soon. Ya know...about garden plants, hunting kittens, etc. lol!

Hope you still want one!!! (hunting kitten)

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Paula, for some peppers any time is a great time. I had difficulty getting everything going in the spring because of my lack of experience. Never fear, fall is near!

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seeker1122(7a ok)

Paula yes I still want a female cat.
I already have mice less than a month after little mama went missing and my food is already in Rubbermaid tubs cuz they just started harvesting wheat all around me. Gross I need a female. I know I told you male but after dealing with my son of mama no thanks he just lays in the back room licking his well ya know when rats have taken over.
I can't do the mouse thing again it's too nasty and I won't use poison.
My new neighbors cat went missing as we'll so no cats on the block now.
Very stressfull everything has to go into tubs. I hate living that way!
Our food human food clothes pics dog food cat food bird food dishes if u don't want to wash them everyday I'll go crazy this time.
Just leave a message at 3680283 I'll get back to you in the evening. Thanks

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Tree, I know about hard ground. I decided to bury a stillborn lamb, yesterday, in a new part of my main garden. Took out 3 1/2 gal. or rocks from an 8 gal. hole. And those were just the rocks which were grapefruit size or larger! But still, things grow incredibly well there. I am also running late on some things. And, because of other commitments, it is hard to get time. I've decided to start putting cowpeas, Old Timey Cornfield Pumpkin and buckwheat in wherever I can, in between the weeds. They grow and crowd the weeds, making it easier to clear and work in the fall or early spring.

Hang in there. If you struggle in Oklahoma, you're pretty normal. You might excel somewhere else... where they have it easy ;)

Tahlequah, OK

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Oh, heck. I just noticed that I should be starting for the fall garden. Like...seedlings for fall tomatoes and stuff. I welcome it because spring was so hazardous!

"OSU Fall Planting Guide"

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seeker1122(7a ok)

Heck I have toms so small they r perfect for potting up for a fall garden
The planting I was talking about was small peppers and tom plants

The reason I was complaining about posthole diggers is cue my area is so dry the tiller won't even break ground

Time to bring home the tractor

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