Starting Poppies from Seed

jraynisJune 5, 2008

The posts say it's easy. The packages say it's easy. But I've had little luck with starting poppies from seed outdoors. I'm trying indoors in pots now. Tips? (Or a big division wouldn't be bad either! ;-) )

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I always start my poppies indoors, as the seeds are less likely to get washed away that way. Poppies are not really all that difficult to transplant, as long as you keep them well-watered for a few days after setting them out.

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loretta5_gw(Z6 PA)

In December or January or February go outside and sow your poppy seeds where you want them to grow. Then go inside and enjoy the winter. It's that easy. They'll germinate in April or May and you'll have beautiful poppies in June. I've found self-sown plants are stronger than those started indoors and I've done it both ways.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

I do it Loretta's way. I've read that they benefit from being frozen.

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My understanding is we should not cover poppy seeds with dirt.
Is it right?

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If you do it just like it is done in nature, you can't go wrong. However, Loretta's was is best. Since those suckers dump a LOT of seeds at once if allowed to self seed, I like to harvest the seeds myself and scatter broadcast them about this time of the year. They need the winter freezing. After broadcasting all the seed I wanted to, I have a one cup measuring cup of seeds left over.....

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I've done it both ways without too much trouble. Since nobody has mentioned it yet; I'll put in a plug for Winter Sowing...which is the method that has worked the best for me. It gives them the cold they need plus protects them from birds and washing away. Just in case you haven't read about W/Sing before I'll include the link.


Here is a link that might be useful: WinterSowing forum

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I have too sown them both ways, I prefer sowing outdoors in late fall. I have abetter germination rate then inside for some reason.

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