Please tell me this isn't a majestic

MojaveLove(5 - IL)January 15, 2011

I just brought a palm home and was really excited until I read how horrible Majestic palms are as house plants. I'm hoping it was labeled wrong? Otherwise I might have to take it back...say it isn't so!

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Sorry I meant a Majesty palm!

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

yes it is a majesty
just keep it misted and well watered and it should be okay

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It is a majesty palm, but it should do okay indoors. Just mist it every so often and keep it from getting too moist or dry. It should be okay especially since winter is about halfway over. I dont know what the weather is like where you live, but you can take it outside when temperatures will be above freezing at night and you can leave it outside all summer. Just make sure you re-pot it before you keep it outside because they will dry out quickly in those nursery pots.
Good luck!

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I agree with the above posters, misting it is VERY important, at least in my experience. The fronds start to die off very quickly from dry furnace air. They need humidity.

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If you're specifically looking for indoor palms, the Rhaphis (Lady palms) are good and so are Hyophorbes (Spindle, Bottle).

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I think I have seen those growing outside here. If so that is shocking. I think I should take a few pics anyway becuase what ever palm it is, its nice and tropical looking :)

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its a majesty but take good care and it will surprise you these grow fast in the summer.

I have two a big single trunk one and a small triple trunk. They do best as a single trunk so i suggest cutting down all of the trunks except the biggest one

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more accurately, those are several individual palms there (at least 3, perhaps more seedlings on the other side?).

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Yes, Majesty definitely. Put it in the window with the most sun and not near a vent. Don't overwater and lots of mist and it should be fine. I agree with a previous post about singles. I would separate them or get rid of the others and keep one. Whether you keep them all together or separate them down to one, you need to repot it immediately. Much like everything else that comes from a garden centre, the pot it came in is a temporary one. It is just big enough to keep it going until it's sold. Majesties have mega roots so you need a pot atleast twice that size. If you repot and follow the care advice, it will be fine.

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