miss_chanterelle(z5pa)June 21, 2005

something is having breakfast, lunch and dinner on our morning glories and moonflowers! They are small, bright metallic gold beetles...what are they??? I thought we had a slug problem till we saw the beetles today . HELP!!!

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Not japanese beetles? Sarah

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no, sarah,much smaller and metallic gold color...never saw any like these before.Haven't seen them for a few days now so maybe they've moved on to their next buffet!

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I just discovered the same bug here over the weekend. I have never seen anything like it before either. I know it is not a japanese beetle(I played with them when I was a kid). I was not sure if they were munching on my morning glorys or not but that is where I found them. They are actually pretty, they look like they are made of gold. However, I will still kill them if I find out they making a meal of my plants. I hope someone can ID them.

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jerkymom(z5b MD)

See if these are your culprits. In this article it says they really like munching on morning glories.


Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Tortoise Beetle

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Yes it's the golden tortoise beetle. They are gorgeous, but they do put little holes in morning glory leaves. I found a couple on my plant last year and left them alone. They didn't hurt the plant.

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thanks for the help! The tortise beetle was the culprit!! Seems to have moved on to better things though, haven't seen one for a week or so and the plants all look like they will be fine!

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