Stonehedge gardens

tmtmom(lehigh co. pa.)June 29, 2005

I was wondering if anyone has ever visited Stonehedge, near Tamaqua, Pa.?- it's a fascinating place, and completely unexpected for that area. It was oppressively hot and humid the day we stumbled in, and some of the gardens were suffering from the heat as well as lack of enough helping hands, but it was still a treat. When it was purchased in the 60s, the property consisted of only a farmhouse and farmland, but now has 6 of the acres in gardens, including herb garden, perennial beds, formal garden, patios, pond, terraces, and the original farmhouse has been turned into a rather bizarre, artsy living quarters and giftshop, with many of the architectural components salvaged from buildings that were destroyed by hurricane Agnes. There are several events held on the property, such as a tea party and a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, and I believe it's available for weddings and other functions. It was an inspiration to see what was accomplished over the years by a handful of friends with their collective enthusiasm, horticultural passion, and artistic abilities! Since the death of one of the original owners (and the toll that age takes on us all) it's become a bit shabby and the gardens need some trimming and weeding- funny, my husband never noticed!- but it's still worth stopping in if you're in that area. There's no charge to stroll the grounds, but don't neglect to leave a donation in the jar! :-) They have a website at

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I was last there 2 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really must get back there to see it again!

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tmtmom(lehigh co. pa.)

I just received their newsletter; there's an open house/picnic scheduled for July 31, and a garden tour August 14. On Oct. 1 is their annual Fall Fest (this year with a musical theme) and they'll have flowers for sale! There is a donation requested for events. They also mention a new butterfly garden, still a work in progress.

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"...and completely unexpected for that area" Certainly the folks who call Tamaqua home will be just tickled with that comment.

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tmtmom(lehigh co. pa.)

Lol! Oh, I hoped it didn't offend anyone! We love Tamaqua, so much so that we considered moving there, but eventually decided the mountain was our cut-off point, as the "other" side of the mountain- according to natives of the area- has winter weather that's a bit more severe. They all complained of a snow-bound Spring that is usually weeks behind that of the south side of the mountain, and winter roads that were not cleared as quickly as they could be. But it's an interesting town with some wonderful Victorian architecture, one that looks as though it had seen better days and is now coming back into it's glory. (It's also a great family town, if the attendance at the Memorial Day parade is any indication!) BUT...a quick drive through doesn't hint at a place like Stonehedge! It's especially surprising since it's just off a not-especially-attractive truck route with it's traffic and commercial buildings. It was such a delight to turn the corner and see this little jewel. Even though we didn't catch it at it's best, it still was an intriguing place, and we plan to go back! :-)

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