HAVE: various passifloras

karyn1(7a)January 31, 2007

I have a whole load of seedlings from an amethystina hybrid and some rooted alata and murucuja cuttings that I'd love to trade for other plants (not necessarily passies) in the spring. It's FREEZING here now : ( My vitifolia seeds have just started germinating too so they might be ready to go come spring depending on how they do.


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Keep me in mind. I will be having some gingers coming up within the next month or so. I would love to trade you for some passi.

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Karyn, Please keep me in mind also. Hopefully I will have something you will be interested in by then. I would love to try passiforas. Jackie

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ethane(9 FL)

Karyn, I would love to trade for some of your plants. Please email me, or I'll email you if I don't hear anything.

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I have quadrangularis & mollissima cuttings(I could root them if you'd like) also many edulis plants and seeds(purple & yellow) If this interests you I'd love to trade some for an alata &/or a maracuja, also I wouldn't mind paying for them. Please let me know.

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Lileecoi there's no way to contact you.

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