bean question

jspeachyn5August 17, 2009

I have been eating my beans as they are ready from the garden.

But I am starting to get too many to eat.

So I want to freeze them since it would not be praactial to can on jar at a time. I only planted 4 plants to make sure I liked the type bean I was planting.

Do I snap them an then boil them in salt water for a few minutes before I bag an freeze them or ??? How do you all do it.

Same for my okra do I just cut an freeze or ??

Thanks in advance.


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Bonnie, for just a few beans or okra I would blanch for 2-3 min in boiling water then dump into a sink with ice in it to cool. Then into a colander to drain. I like to freeze my beans whole in pint bags. Okra I slice and roll in cornmeal and freeze on a cookie sheet. Then pack into pint bags when 1/2 frozen (or qt if for more than two people.) This way the okra doesn't clump together. You can then drop it frozen into the hot oil. Or if you want to use the okra in soups or gumbo you can just cut and pack. Oh and I don't salt my blanching water. It slows down the boil time.

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Thanks' so much.
I was wondering an didn't want to waste any. I just needed to bag it up for one so didn't want to can one jar at a time.
Next year I will plant more plant per time. I only planted the 4 plants 10 days apart. LOL live an learn.

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Bonnie, that is exactly the way I do both of mine too. They will keep better without salt!


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