WANTED: ruby glo please

floridabear(10b)February 25, 2007

I just posted a long message about my lack of growing this vine. I am trying again....does anyone have any BIG cuttings,rooted, to swap,trade or ---- that are bigger than 6in. I think that the tiny ones I kept buying are just to small to live. I need some long ones or ones that are rooted and have grown some length. I am BEGGING!!!! It is almost spring,if I can get 1 'Grandiflora' type growing,my fence would be covered in blooms and vine in just 2 months! Can anyone help me,please??? I might not have everything listed for trade. But I live in south Fla. so I have access to lots of tropical plants. I have some in my yard,others I can 'get'. I do have the Chalice Vine...that grows like wildfire. I CAN root that in exchange for a big rooted cutting of Ruby Glow or some kind of BIG passion vine with a big fat flower like Ruby Glow. I can root the Chalice vine in like 2 weeks. Anyone have any Ruby Glows something close to it?? PLEASE!!!

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