WANTED: Passiflora to trade

cactuspaul Tulsa zone7(7a)March 18, 2006

I have several rooted passiflora cutting that I am offering that have been filling 4inch pots. They are

Passiflora quasar

P. sanguinolenta

P. belotii

P. caerula

P. amethyst

P. lutea variegated

and I have growing in one gallon pots

P. belotii

P. caerulae

P. sanginolenta

I also will be having other rooted cuttings soon from my passi list.

I am interested in all passifloras that I don't have. Check my list I also have loads of cactus and succulents. I prefer to do large trades. Paul

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Paul, I don't have any passifloras - is there anything else you would trade for? Would you SELL me some? I would love to be able to replace mine. Thanks

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