HAVE: Passiflora incense

mrao77(TX US zone 7)April 12, 2006

Have rooted plants for other passis..or anything exotic- begonias, ferns,tropicals...tempt me.


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I have these plants to trade:

1 Century plant
1 Canna 'Florence Vaughan' plant
3 Castor Bean plants
1 Cavendish banana 'Williams Hybrid' plant
2 Copperleaf plants
2 Devil's Backbone plants
1 Dracaena (Marginata?) plant
1 Elephant Ear c. esculentum plant
4 Elephant Ear 'Black Magic' c. esculentum plants
1 Elephant Ear 'Black Stem' c. fontanesii plant
1 Root Beer plant

If interested, email me at skaz421@msn.com

Thanks. Steve.

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I really want this passiflora incense

I have Pomegranate Wonderful plant (about 12 inches tall)
I also have these great fig cuttings of variety "Panache" Strawberry Verte, and Brown Turkey.

I also have these seeds to trade
1) Desert King Watermelon
2) Rocky Form Melon
3) Armenian Cucumber
4) Luffa
5) Squash Mideast Cousa
6) Soybeans
7) Peppers - California Wonder

Let me know if interested

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What other passis do you have? I have several beautiful cannas if that interests you. gwat1@tx.rr.com

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Did you notice that the original post was made in 2006? You are better off starting a new post on the discussions side of this forum or on the plant exchange forum.

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