An Ozark Morning

dbarron(z7_Arkansas)August 6, 2014

Had breakfast, took dogs for walk, noticed neighbors guinea out of enclosure...hurried dogs away before they had guinea for breakfast.

Texted neighbor, who suggested putting chickens and guineas up in the chicken house and leaving door to pen open for the errant young female who was on outside.

Guinea went in smoothly after excavating about 4 cubic foot of soil from door so that it would close to pen other fowl up.

All in the first hour of the morning, only in the Ozarks.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Years ago my Mom's neighbor bought 12 guineas. They left there and came to stay at my mother's. The people could not keep them on their property. At night they roosted in trees in her yard and stayed around her yard. They are fun and good snake detectors so are turkeys. Gradually animals got them because they went where ever they wanted. Mom used to keep about 4 or 5 hen bronze turkeys and a gobbler. She would find the nests and collect the eggs until she had an incubator full. The baby turkeys were very fragile much harder to keep alive than chickens. They imprint on who ever they see when they hatch so they would follow my Mom around the yard. She locked them up at night. We always had turkey in the freezer and had roast turkey often not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. She would order fancy chickens and Bantum chickens from a catalog, two of these two of those. Some had feathers on their feet or top crests. The banty roosters were mean little things but pretty iridescent blue and green tails. The brown banty hen had help from the rooster helping her find a nest but she rejected all his choices. Chickens are not smart but they have ways of doing things. It is a shame most of them are crowded in buildings by the thousands. I don't keep them; I have in the past but mostly because my mother grew up with chickens and loved to keep them.

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I am wanting to get 3-4 Bantum Hens have a very large fenced yard 1/3 acre with 6ft fence on 3 sides and 4ft chain link on other with an old 10x10 dog pen for the coop to be in. Do you think that will be enough room for them ?

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They wont' stay in a even 7 foot chain link fence. Bantams fly :)

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Thanks didn't know that may have to go with something different will have to more research it will be next year before I would get them away. We had a lot of stray cats in the area but I've trapped them all I think haven't seen any in several months last one I turned my old beagle Belle out and she ran her in to the next county but not before catching it twice and giving it a couple of good shakes . She got an little something extra that day . Note these were feral cats the trapped ones went to Humane Society

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You are supposed to be able to clip their wings to keep them from flying. I have never done it, but a neighbor does her chickens that way.

We built a run out of chicken wire and had the top covered too.
It doesn't give them much greenery but they are safe. We are having a much larger space fenced in but not the top of this one. My Hy-Line girls don't fly and lay like crazy. We just have 9....lost some to various varmints who are no longer with us!

You morning sounds like some we have on the farm!

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