Bradley Tomatoes

justuscountryfolks(z8 Louisiana)August 4, 2007

Hope my friends to the north of me can give me a report on Bradley tomatoes. Seems as Arkansas Traveler is the one talked about more often and I have only good things to say about it as I grow it in my garden and it does very well. I am thinking about adding Bradley next year. I know it is popular around Warren, Ark but would like to hear from people who grew it in their garden. Thanks in advance and Happy Gardening!!!!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Hi, Welcome to the ozarks forum. I've not heard of Bradley Tomatoes. Hope someone else has. When we lived in East TX we grew Homestead Tomatoes which grew well in that area. But did'nt do as well up here.
If you can get hold of Drusba heirloom tomato seeds. They also do well in the heat.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

bradley is a pink 8-10 oz determinate tomato used for canning in the southern US. think it will do fine in your area. i have read positive reviews when it has been mentioned.

there is a tomato called creole developed in your area for your conditions. 78 days and is an indeterminate.

hope this helps.


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justuscountryfolks(z8 Louisiana)

Thanks guys for replying. I planted Homesteads last year and they did not do as well as in past years. Probably was just due to the weather conditions. I may try them again next year as I still have seeds. Creole tomatoe is one that does well in my area. I have been planting them for years. I recently was given some Bradley's by a friend who obtained them from around Warren, Ark and want to give them a try next year. Yes, I know it is a long way from planting time for 2008. LOL!
Happy Gardening

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oakleif(z6 AR)

justuscountryfolks, Hey!! We're garden addicts too. I'll bet all of us have some things already planned for spring. Mine #1 plan is to plant a couple of tomatoes in large containers.

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"Bradley" tomato did really well here during the drought.
My first year to grow it, so I don't know how it would perform under wetter conditions, which is what we had this year. "Homestead" tomato did not do well this year for me.
I am more interested in old, as in heirloom, southern peas this year. Can't seem to find a forum with much going about them.

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