HAVE: Have 4' passiflora for trade

passi4thewinMay 18, 2008

I have lots of passion vines in 4" pots as well as 2 inch pots. I would like to trade them for other passion vines that I do not have.

4" well rooted but did get cut back

P. caerulea (blue)

P. 'Constance Eliott'

P. 'Blue Bouquet'

P. fledermouse

P. citrina

P. colinvauxii

P. 'Lady Margaret'

P. edulis 'Panama Gold'

P. edulis 'Frederick'

P. 'Adularia'


P. foetida

P. serratifolia

P. x atropurpurea

2" pots

P. aurantia

Varieties not listed but am working with

P. X alatocaerulea

P. perfoliata

P. 'Sunburst'

P. tricuspis

P. 'Susan Brigham'

P. x exoniensis

P. parritae

P. membranacea

P. manicata 'Linda Escobar'

P. 'Incense'

P. vitifolia

I have a few other varieties laying around as well as 4 that dont have positive ID's

Let me know what you have and we can work out a trade.



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Hello Kevin,

I did not find any contact information on your GardenWeb posting. Is it possible to send your email address to love_of_passifloras@yahoo.com? I can then send you a list of my current collection and see if you would be interested in a possible trade.

Thank you,

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Haha sorry im new to this forum :) I didnt notice that

Here it is, but i also sent you an email



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