Too much rain!

woodswalker88(6)June 4, 2012

A few months ago I was complaining about Drought... now we have been deluged with rain. I thought it was good, cause it was giving my new shrubs a head start for a looong summer... but my perennial garden is going nuts. Some of them are starting to look a bit rusty around the stems. (day lilies, columbine, liriope) Those mystery wildflowers from Lowes (cosmos?) are becoming so top-heavy that they are falling over & laying on the ground. It is looking like a jungle in there with gigantic stems curving about, smothering other plants, etc.

This is only my 2nd year as a gardener so I would just like to hear from veterans. I wonder 'What's next"? This is only the beginning of June & the whole summer is ahead. Will the plants just rot away, will they keep putting out new flowers, what happens to these plants that have overgrown themselves? I put in some stakes & tried to tie some of the plants upright... will they straighten back up? I have a patch of wildflowers that has grown to about 5 ft & is pushing against the viburnum & crape myrtle...should I thin them out?

Just like to hear some feedback about what has happened in other circumstances like this. Thanks!

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I feel your pain. Hope everything goes good soon. I too am two years in and this year just put a new spot in and it looks like a pond.

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demeron(Zone 6)

I was at Hershey Gardens and the rose displays were damaged, assuming by the rain... lots of mummified roses, but it was still pretty. Everything is huge and thriving in my garden, but my roses have suffered from too much wet. It's okay, they'll look better another year! Re what to do, you should be able shear back most plants after flowering. If something is getting out of bounds, cut it back or just yank the excess out. My first year gardening, I had a discordant orange impatiens spoiling my border. A friend pointed out I could just yank it. The thought had not dawned on me. Fifteen years in, I'm bolder about whacking and yanking, and more philosophical if something doesn't thrive. I will agree to x amount of pampering in the garden and if a plant needs more, it goes!

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I'm curious whether the rain changes the color of new rose buds. I have an orange knockout rose in my garden and some of the new blooms are kind of striped, variegated & dotted. Actually a very nice effect! It's like the colors "ran".

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Lauren Devonshire

What rain???? Carlisle has not had enough rain. And I'll bet all of you are now looking for rain.

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Now the problem isn't rain or even's HEAT. We got our last storm at the end of June.... followed by the 100 degree days. The leaves are turning brown and I don't think watering will help much.

I"m only a 2nd year gardener. It's depressing to see my efforts go for naught. Maybe I should forget about gardens and make concrete scuptures. Anytime something dies, replace it with a concrete stepping stone.

The question is... can ANYTHING help if a plant just can't take the heat? Or should I just stop worrying and let nature take its course? Since the climate is only going to get worse, maybe I should just forget about the ones with crisping leaves, and next year plant more of whatever survived this year.

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