HAVE: Passiflora to trade

cactuspaul Tulsa zone7(7a)June 2, 2006

I have the following rooted cuttings to offer for trade.

Passiflora quasar

P. citrina

P. edulis

P. belotti

P. aurantia

P. vitifolia

P. sanguinolenta

P. incense

P. caereula

P. amethyst

P. clear sky

P. lady margaret

I am looking for larger trades and looking for Passiflora that I don't have as well as those items on my trade list. Check it and let me know. Paul

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Hi Paul
I don't have enough of your wants for a large trade, but I have a few things on your list.
seeds, Musa velutina, 2006 trade, Spain
seeds, Sundew Drosera adelae, 2006 collected
seeds, Passiflora Ligularis, 2006, trade, Spain
seeds, Passiflora manicata (red), 2006 trade
lots of bog plants, too many to list, need the names of the ones you want
seeds, Toad Lily, Tricyrtis hirta, 2006 trade, Germany

From your list I am interested in
seeds, datura metal - double yellow
plants, Passiflora 'lady margaret'
Plants, Passiflora 'incense'
plants, Passiflora incarnata

You have a lot of succulents, do you have any of these for trade?
Heirloom Holiday Cactus with a story
True clear orange Christmas Cactus
ÂChristmas Cheer Christmas Cactus orange to salmon
'Illona' Christmas Cactus salmon orange
ÂMalindi Christmas Cactus orange
ÂSunset Dancer Christmas Cactus orange
'Twilight Tangerine' Christmas Cactus deep orange
yellow easter cactus
Rhipsalis pilocarpa

Look at my pages and let me know if anything is of interest to you.

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cactuspaul Tulsa zone7(7a)

Hi Pam, I am having a hard time email thru gardenweb, Contact me directly because I am interested in trading. Paul

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ethane(9 FL)

I sent you a message about a trade of passiflora mucronata and amethystina minas gerais. Contact me if you're interested.
Thanks, Ethane

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I am interested in your citrina and aurantia. From your wish list I have raja puri naner and the following hardy gingers

Zone 7
alpinia nutans narrow leaf - cardamon scented
alpinia formosana - pinestripe ginger
globba schomburgkii - yellow dancing girl
hedychium kewense - pink butterfly ginger
hedychium coronarium - white butterfly ginger

Zone 8
costus spicatus - indianhead
kaempferia gilberti
kaempferia pulchra
super dwarf naner (easy in pot to bring indoors)
hedychium daniel weeks - butterfly ginger

I also have a noid yellow hedychium with the most wonderful scent. If interested in trading email me at brocious57@juno.com


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