HAVE: need another red & any hardy passiflora for...

jeaninpgh(z6 PA)July 30, 2006

I sell plants so have gotten many new varities of passiflora i need a different clone of red to produce fruit my grower tells me & am also very interested in trading for any hardy fruiting passiflora for potted blooming sized plants of ones i have n stock including...I can get other varities also,but have these available

purple haze

clear sky

blue boquet


lady margaret


would anyone lmk if theyve had success w hardiness of any of these in z 6 also please? I also have many exptic tropical vines/plants as well as hardy perennials...pipevine,dragonfruit..peppervine & much much more looking of rhardy passiflora other tropicals or unique rare plants...thx...jean

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Hi,I have a red passion vine for trade.I've no idea of the name of it though.I'd like to get something from my wants list should you be interested...Debbie

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