wanted: wanted: p. incarnata from zone 5

infiniteohmsJuly 19, 2011


Last year i got a couple nice p. incarnata seedlings from a GW user in zone 7, they did very well, but didn't survive the winter. I want to try again both in a more sheltered spot and with plant material from closer to home.


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If you still need these, I have a couple that is ready to ship. I will take postage for them; priority mail with conf.

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I think you are pushing it trying to overwinter P. incarnata outside in zone 5. I think that P. lutea is probably the hardiest and most likely to make it in your zone.

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@piksi, since i've had this plant die on me over the winter, i'd like to try again with plants that have survived zone 5-6 winters (or their offspring). Thanks for the offer though!

I've always heard that P. incarnata is the hardiest passion flower. I've seen different nurseries list it hardy from zone 5 (with protection) to zone 7, so its not a sure thing, but i really want to find one that is hardy to my site. That being said if someone had a P. lutea they wanted to trade me i would certainly give it a try.

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I have both Passiflora incarnata and incarnata alba growing on the south side of my home here for more than 12 years. They have survived double-digit subzero temps for many winters. I obtained my plants from a source in Virginia (zone 6b) many years ago. The key to these plants surviving is well-drained poor soils and protection from excessive moisture. My incarnata alba is the stock plant plarent for 2 well-known Passiflora mailorder nurseries here in the U.S. I am definitely open to trades for either form. They are both very tolerant of cold winters!!!

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