Gerry's NEPA Gardenswap was a 'splashing success'!!

gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)June 25, 2006

Thanks so much for a wonderful time!! You're gardens were just overwhelming! Don't worry...I won't come and raid the garden tonite! lol

The food was wonderful, the plants were just incredible! OH MAN! Have I got alot to learn! I bought 4 gardening mags on the way home! I've been inspired! The rain held off just long enough!

You've all been so generous! Thanks so very much! LC Grace

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Weren't we lucky with the rain!!?? I'm glad that we got the tour and swapping done early on even though there were moments when they showers were slightly annoying..... that was nothing compared to the DOWNPOUR that came later while we ate!
Great food, great plants and great plant talk, what a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon. It was nice meeting all of you and thanks for all the plants. I must get them in the ground tomorrow!
I was looking at my haul and I swear I just wanted to get rid of a few things - not come home with another carload of plants!
If anyone is in my area, drop me an email, I'd be proud to host a little garden tour myself, however short it might be!

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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

Thank you all for a terrific swap, and especially Gerry for hosting and holding off the rain! It was wonderful to meet you all -- I learned quite a bit while I was at the swap just by listening to everyone. (I'm going to poke around my garden and see if I have any other plants that anyone might like.) And I also take the pledge with LC Grace -- I promise to not raid any gardens in the black of night! : )
I'm truly sorry I had to run out early...thank you all for understanding. I got to Mom's just in time...she was up on a ladder changing a light bulb. : O Going up the ladder is easy for her, but coming down is an entirely different matter. Mom is as stubborn as she is lovable....
Thank you again for a great time -- perhaps we can do it again sometime? I would be willing to host, if you don't laugh at the floosie gardens...; )


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floragal(z5 PA)

I, too, had a wonderful time! It was terrific meeting all of you. What a nice - and interesting - group! I still haven't managed to get my new "babies" off the truck (will it ever stop raining?), but I'll be spending most of my workday daydreaming and planning for their new homes.

Gerry, your gardens are inspiring! I've discovered a few "new" plants that I can't wait to add to my gardens, too. Time to start clearing more space!

We definitely have to do this again.


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First and foremost I need to thank all of YOU for coming and making it what it was. Amazing plants, plant and weed IDs, conversation and food.

I spent a good part of the day today (when it was not raining) looking over the plants and thinking where they would all go, and potting up some of the others.

As I told Vince, perhaps we can do it again in the fall, if anyone does fall dividing.

Please let me know what plants you still want that I have, I can work on getting them going in the next few weeks, some of those divisions you guys brought were amazing and made mine seem so small.

Mischelle, I seperated that clematis from the peony today and potted it up, do you have a picture of it?

Frank, I KNOW there are more plants you want, which are they, besides the 'red ribbons'?

Tamra, I still owe you the lamb's ears.

Aimee, Keep us posted on your mom and how her surgery goes this fall.

Vince, I will save those seeds for you, I know you did not get much of a chance to see anything, but did you see anything I can offer you?

I remember some on-line plant sources being mentioned, can anyone post links to these, I can't remember any of them.

Stay dry and catch you all later.


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