WANTED: Passiflora Nephrodes

Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)July 3, 2006

Hi; I would really love to find someone who has Passiflora Nephrodes. I would be willing to Trade or Purchase the Rooted Cutting. The only rooted cutting I have right now is Passiflora Sapphire "but" Over the next week or two I should be able to take a cutting from: Alato Caerulea; Monika Fisher. The other plants I have that I will be able to take a cutting from in 2 weeks or more depending on how fast or slow they grow: Passiflora Incense; Passiflora Inspiration.

The Bigger leaf Plants seem to go thru Spurts; right now they are only 12" tall and don't have any shoots; but once their growing spurt kicks in then there will be no stopping them and then I can take a cutting; these would be the Ruby Glow (P. Phoenicea), Passi Macrocarpa & Passionflower x Decaisneana. Also Newly Received: may be ready in 3 weeks or more but right now they are just babies and I am not sure how fast they grow but I assume like most other Passi's that once they start they just keep on growing: Passiflora x Atropurpurea "&" Passiflora Maliformis.

I would be also willing to trade for "Passiflora Sunburst" Passiflora Triloba; Constance Elliot; but would really love Nephrodes.

Also if someone sees something of mine that they really want and don't have anything to trade just drop me a line anyway; once things really start growing I don't mind sharing at all; and sometimes with how quick and intense some of them do grow it's almost a blessing to have people to give them too (LOL). I will also be ordering a few more varieties at the end of the week so I will post those as well once received.

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I have nephrodes, it's just a matter of getting a cutting going. Check your email...

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

Hi Cynthia; could you resend the email because I didn't receive it; and I can't figure out how to send you an email because I don't have outlook and that's all that keeps coming up when I click on your name.


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ethane(9 FL)

Hey Mystyspassion,
I sent you an email, too, not sure if you got it. I don't have nephrodes, but I do have triloba. I just put a cutting into the propagator if you're interested. I would be interested in Monika Fischer or Ruby Glow. You can check my trade list to see if there's something else you might want to trade for--if I can propagate it, I'll trade it.

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Got your email! Hope you recieved my response...
:-) -C

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Hi Mystyspassion,

I'm new to passi's and can't wait to get started. All I can offer you is an apostle lilly. I could root a jade plant cutting but it would take a little while. I'd love to receive Passiflora Incense and Passiflora Inspiration.


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