HAVE: Alata, Edulis, Vitifolia x Coccinea

jblaschke(8b TX)July 20, 2007

I've recently come into possession of quite a few plants through a combination trade/gift. I have p. alata, p. edulis and p. vitifolia x p. coccinea available for trade.

All are seed-grown plants approximately one year old. All are approximately 6 feet in length (yes, you read that right). All are in 3.5" pots, and pretty much root-bound, so they'll need to be moved to larger pots ASAP.

The edulis was originally sold as p. quadrangularis seed, which the mature plants obviously aren't. I have no idea what variety of edulis form the parentage of these plants. The stems are reddish, which seems to be a yellow flavicarpa trait, but the tendrils are all green, which is a purple edulis trait. It's possible these could be a edulis x edulis var. flavicarpa hybrid, in which case the fruit would be red, but I have no way to tell. These plants have not flowered.

As usual, I'm interested in all sorts of passiflora for trade.

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