Suggestions for cutting garden in partially sunny area.

Kestrel Shutters & DoorsJune 9, 2007

Does anyone have any suggestion for cutting flowers that grow well in about 4 hours of mid morning to early afternoon sun. Ummmm....grow AND flower I should add.

We'd love to go for the English Cottage look but not sure the area we have in mind is cut out for this.

I grew some dwarf cannas last year in this year and they did bloom so I doubt the area is hopeless.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you have personal experience growing in this amount of sun that would be great.



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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

There are lots of plants that would flower in part shade (astilbe, bleeding heart, violets, mountain laurel, hosta, speedwells, columbine) but I can't think of many that'd be good cut flowers.

Is the shade cast by a tree, or by a building? If it's a deciduous tree, you could plant daffodils for cutting. They'd bloom before the tree leaves out fully.

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westhighlandblue(z6 PA)

I have dahlias in a window box that gets about 4 hours of morning and midafternoon sun. They seem to be doing very well. Hydrangea should also do well, oakleaf hydrangea is a nice native, though there is a new hydrangea which bloom repeatedly on new wood. (All other hydrangea's bloom on old wood, which is why you don't want to cut back a hydrangea.) You might also try Globe Amaranth, Foxglove, and Butterfly Bush (traditionally a full sun plant, but mine blooms in a partially shaded area).

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

There is another hydrangea that does well in shade or sun and flowers on new wood. Try looking for Annabelle hydrangea.
It can be a little floppy but only because it flowers so much.... and the white flowers really light up a partially shaded area. I think you'll like it.
how about hostas? Some have nice flowers as well as leaves that can be cut. 'Royal standard' has pure white blooms that are fragrant too. I like this one more for it's blooms than it's foliage, plus it's indestructible (unless you have deer and voles). Hey I just learned that this was the first patented hosta back in 1965!
You might have luck with a few lilies. 4 hours might be enough sun. Other than that I'm out of ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: annabelle

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homequaker1(z6 PA)

In part it depends on whether this is a dry or a moist area.

Some that work for me and are good for cutting: Columbines, Feverfew, German Chamomile, Black Eyed Susan.

You might experiment with flowers that are for both sun and shade.


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