HAVE: Free Passiflora unrooted cuttings--please add yours

mark4321_gwJuly 6, 2008


I'm hoping this thread will address a couple things. First, Passiflora, especially when grown outdoors, are often vigorous vines that require regular pruning. Thus a large number of potential cuttings are generated. These can be shipped cheaply, and at least for some species and hybrids are easy to root. Yet plants are often expensive when bought commercially, and it can be difficult to find someone to trade with--especially if you have nothing you can give in return.

Another problem is that plants die. People often push Passiflora to the limit of what they can take--for example cold weather can kill a lot of plants.

So here's an idea I'd like to suggest: A open-ended trade thread where the initial trade--unrooted cuttings (often the products of pruning and destined for the trash!) can be offered without expecting anything immediately in return. The trade: the recipient of the cutting agrees to supply a cutting (unrooted/rooted) in the case that the mother plant dies--if possible, of course. I'm assuming the initial cutting(s) were successful. Thus, if one sends out a set of 3 cuttings, all of which root, yet the mother plant dies that winter, then the original donor may even get a rooted cutting back immediately.

That way, material that would otherwise become trash would be put to a very useful purpose, and we would increase the chances that we wouldn't lose our plants. Hopefully a great situation for all.

This could get out of hand. I can imagine that too many people might respond to some (or even all) posts. It would be wise to state how many (sets) of cuttings you might limit this to.

I'll mention a couple rules: 1) no cash. 2) please respond directly to the person with the cuttings, not to this thread.

Of course, there's no way to prevent people from giving an immediate trade in appreciation. However, I would personally hope that this doesn't turn into a bidding war for a popular cutting. Please accept the first response(s).

That said, I'll try to start this. I actually don't have anything big enough--these are from a neighbor's plant (I have small plants). P. 'Lavender Lady': I'll send a set of 2 cuttings each to 2 different people. 'Lavender Lady' is a fairly common plant, because it is beautiful and also one of the most reliable performers. It is also reasonably easy to root and somewhat hardy. You can find many pictures on the web.

I have never sent these cuttings by mail, so I'd like to do it quick and dirty. I'll try well-sealed (!) inside a ziploc bag with a moist paper towel which is then placed inside a very slightly inflated ziploc bag (again well-sealed) and everything in a padded envelope. If anyone has better ideas for a cheap shipping method let me know. I'm going for cheap and easy, not 100% survival, so I'm willing to accept losses.

So for the first two responses I *receive* (even if others were sent earlier...) at looking4plants@yahoo.com I'll send 2 unrooted cuttings of P. Lavender Lady. These are all packed and ready to go, so there will be no delay.

Please note: I don't normally use that email, so it is not a decent place to reach me at.

I'm not really looking for anything at the moment--or in any danger of losing Lady Lavender to the cold--but hopefully others will find this idea appealing and we can get a few "trades" started.

So again: I'm hoping this thread will list trades where:

A) Cuttings are free

B) The trade is that a cutting is given back in the event of the death of the mother plant.

If you want the cuttings and nothing else, please contact me at looking4plants@yahoo.com instead of posting it on the thread.

Please add your own cuttings and continue the thread.

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

Mark, I think this is a great Idea. I may have other varieties to add later as my collection is growing but my plants are still small for right now though:
I'll add P. Caerulea and P. Caerulea constance elliott.

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My cuttings have found homes.

I just wanted to direct people to a fantastic set of directions I stumbled across for sending cuttings and plants in the mail. From Ian Webb's site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ian Webb's Posting Details

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I'll have Caerulea later in the year. Mark was kind enough to send me some cuttings (which unfortunately the house sitter didn't water and they croaked) and I'll be sure to return the favor when I have a chance.

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great idea!

I have a few incarnata canes that broke off accidentally.

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