Why I grow grapes...

bettycbowen(7)May 4, 2013

...and crop photos. Somehow garden magazines & pinterest never seem to have this problem.

Otherwise harmless neighbors, so I count my blessings. Or, as we say around here, "at least they got rid of the toilet".

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That is why I had a privacy fence when I lived in town. I drag home so much junk I did not want to have the neighbors looking at it. The front yard always looked nice, but I wont say that about my back yard and shop. Now I have so many unfinished projects that things are junky again.


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i got so much junk , i can't find my projects.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Vines can be so useful in cases like that! One thing that I love about living in the country is the distance between homes. The neighbor's house nearest ours (and they are wonderful neighbors) is about 100 yards from our house and most of it is dense woodland, so we don't have to look at their junk and they don't have to look at ours. I should add that neither they nor we are very junky, or at least we have our junk hidden away.

Too many people in rural parts of our county have so much junk out in their front yards that it looks like they are having a year-round yard sale.

Busy1, I can relate to that! This spring I've been trying to unearth all my projects and finish them but it has been slow going.


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Betty, I have passionvine growing on my back fence. It is so dense, it is doing a nice job of shielding me from the pit bulls, at least in that section. It is a bonus, I grew it as a host plant for gulf fritillaries. Susan will have to remind me which one stays green all year :)

I am also added a couple of vitex that I am hoping will give me a visual shield in a few years.


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